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Who we are

For us jewellery has always been a family affair.

Our father, Jan, founded his company “van Kranendonk Duffels” in 1969 in the heart of Amsterdam. We grew up around the most exquisite jewellery both at home, on the kitchen table and in boutiques around the world.

After 25 years of working together as a family team, our father passed us the torch in 2013 and we founded “VKD Jewels”.  Working from London and Milan, VKD Jewels has established an international client base ranging from individual collectors to museum curators.


Our goal is to build collections - finding unique pieces through our extensive knowledge, connections that span generations and ultimately our deep passion for the highest quality jewellery.

                                                                        Aimée & Fleur

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The beginning

Jan van Kranendonk Duffels was born in 1933 and from an early age fascinated by beautiful objects and elegant ladies wearing jewellery. He studied as a goldsmith in the Netherlands and went on to Pforzheim, Germany, where he learned the art of enamelling.


After graduating he worked as a salesman in the on-board jewellery boutique on “Rotterdam”, the flagship of the Holland-America cruise line. Having an eye for beauty and a passion for all that sparkles, his sales talent allowed him to work for several well-known jewellery houses in the Netherlands.


Besides managing sales, he organized many exhibitions of antique jewellery and started to build up a loyal clientèle. Many of whom followed him in 1969, when he opened his own boutique in Amsterdam. The shop thrived until 1988 when he moved to Brussels.


From then on, he decided to concentrate on exclusive international fairs and exhibitions. The most important and iconic fair being TEFAF Maastricht. He participated there from the beginning and for years was a member of the jewellery vetting team. 


In 2013, his daughters continued the family business and his legacy. Always trying to elevate, engage and inspire as well as sharing his passion of unique and exquisite jewellery of the highest standards.

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