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Collectors Advisory

The exciting world of antique and vintage jewellery has become quite popular with collectors across the globe. We have a unique and vast network of vintage dealers and private clients all over the world who give us access to exclusive pieces that aren’t available to the public. This is how we assist our clients with building their jewellery collection: giving them transparent advice and insight to help them pick the perfect pieces.



We are always happy to look at any jewellery you may wish to sell and will offer a free consultation. We then assess your jewellery and will propose a net consignment price and duration of a consignment period. We will add our sales margin to the net price and once agreed upon we start the selling process.


Custom Design

We work with trusted specialised goldsmiths of the highest calibre who work with the trade only. Their work is exceptional and we are happy for you to bring us your vintage pieces to be repaired or redesigned. You can also always talk to us about something that is entirely new and custom-made. 


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